PostgreSQL Studio 1.0 is out

PostgreSQL Studio

With the growing use of PostgreSQL in the cloud, users are bumping into the challenge of how to interact with their databases. Experienced PostgreSQL users happily ssh into the instance and bring up psql, but there are a ton of new users to PostgreSQL who still aren’t comfortable with psql and want a GUI. The standard bearer for PostgreSQL GUIs is pgAdmin, but that requires people to make a database connection across the internet which they may be reluctant to do if they don’t have a VPN of some sort set up. The right thing is to have a web-based GUI allowing users to connect to their database through a browser. PhpPgAdmin is an option, but many of the new PostgreSQL users I’ve talked to like the newer look and feel of sites like Heroku and are turned off by the UI of phpPgAdmin.

PostgreSQL Studio

A couple years back when I looked at this, I came to the conclusion that the best road forward was to just start from a clean slate. I decided to write things in Java since that’s what I know well and it let’s you create a cross-platform application very easily. I also used the Google Web Toolkit since Google is pretty good at making interactive UIs on the web. There are a number of other UIs out there that have a very good web-based GUI for PostgreSQL, but none of them are open source, which I believe is critical in the success of the project. So… OpenSCG is now releasing PostgreSQL Studio under the PostgreSQL license.To find out more about PostgreSQL Studio, check out
  1. Andr������© FernandesAndr������© Fernandes10-02-2013

    The site for the project is empty? I could only see an empty page… Anyway, this seems a great idea, I wanna try it out.

    • Jim MlodgenskiJim Mlodgenski10-02-2013

      Sorry. The site received much more traffic that I anticipated. Hopefully its up now and will handle the load.

  2. Koichi SuzukiKoichi Suzuki10-03-2013

    Does it work with XC? I found PgAdmin needs some work to work with XC (part of it works though).

    • Jim MlodgenskiJim Mlodgenski10-03-2013

      Yes, it does work with XC. There are even icons showing what the distribution columns are for your tables.

  3. dsmsdsms10-03-2013

    How does it compare to Team Postgres? It is also java based, web based and uses ajax.

    • Jim MlodgenskiJim Mlodgenski10-04-2013

      I’m not sure how it compares since I’ve never tried teampostgresql, but from the website, the most obvious difference is that PostgreSQL Studio if fully open source under the PostgreSQL License.

      • dsmsdsms10-08-2013

        have you deleted my comment?

        • Jim MlodgenskiJim Mlodgenski10-08-2013

          It was flagged as spam since the URL returned a 404. I updated your comment to add the space to go to a valid URL.

  4. Denis LussierDenis Lussier10-04-2013

    It looks great Jimbo, congrats!!

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