PostgreSQL Studio is now on Heroku

One of my main objectives when writing PostgreSQL Studio was to help new users learn PostgreSQL. One of the main drivers of new PostgreSQL users is the different cloud players with Heroku being one of the biggest so it only made sense to start there. I’ve gone through the process of making PostgreSQL Studio an add-on for Heroku so now you can add it to your existing Heroku applications. This lets you work with your Heroku Postgres databases through a web-based UI, graphically see you schemas and run your queries without the need of installing anything client side. The PostgreSQL Studio add-on is currently in Beta so its free to add to your applications.

Try it out, report bugs, submit patches.

You can find more about the add-on at:

And you can learn more about PostgreSQL Studio at:

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    • StepanStepan07-30-2014

      I’m not sure that I understand why where it is hosetd matters. When I set up a database on Xeround, I’m given a URI to use in my application’s config file so that when it looks for a database it knows where to look. How/why does it matter to me where the database server is hosetd? Is there some reduced latency if I am connecting to a Rackspace-hosetd Xeround database from a Rackspace-hosetd application server? [url=]lvbyeez[/url] [link=]qcoibois[/link]

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    • FarhanFarhan07-30-2014

      Difficult to judge from a screenshot – but it does look at first glcnae like every other open-source cart solution (OS Commerce, Zen Cart, Nuke etc). What would be the advantage of your system versus those given the maturity of the best and of course no upfront license costs?[From Mitch: Hi Raul. I wont get into specifics because that's not what this post is about, but if you ask our existing customers you'll see it's our level of support, product customization (FULLY template driven, no HTML+PHP in the same file) and easy rebranding abilities to name a few] [url=]jzortbzl[/url] [link=]mayvwpqu[/link]

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      Great step in the right direction. I think if you guys can give most of the stdraand features of the carts that are out there now (ie CS cart) along with the branding free that would be great. The great thing I like about send studio is the multi user support and admin. Your store suite product should have this as well. What I mean by that is the option to permission customers to use store suite but allow them to have their own domain name without installing anything new. That would be the perfect solution. [url=]niykzxzuzm[/url] [link=]awztkj[/link]

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