Two great things that taste great together: PostGIS and PostgreSQL


In my past life as a geospatial DBA, I had to navigate users and managers who belonged to different database teams (PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, etc). When I was lucky enough to work in a shop that supported open source solutions, I was often asked by members of team MySQL, Why should we use PostgreSQL as our geospatial database when MySQL has spatial data types?” 

The answer: PostGIS.

Sure, MySQL has the ability to run spatial analysis (with some prodding). But PostgreSQL + PostGIS wins in:

  • functionality
  • performance
  • adoption by 3rd party solutions (QGIS, ArcGIS Server, GeoServer…)

So if you like to do things the free and easy way, go with PostgreSQL and PostGIS.

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  1. MB
    MB says:

    ArcGIS Server only integrates with ArcSDE (or whatever they’re calling it now), which turns a Postgresql database into a “Geodatabase” – it’s not a spatial database anymore, is clogged with extra tables views, and you don’t use SQL queries/functions – you use geoprocessing and other GUI-based tools. So as with SQL Server, it’s just a storage place for back-end tables that service the front-end GUI’s … thus ArcGIS Server doesn’t integrate with Postgresql at all…


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