Extending Postgres by BigSQL

Recently we had a customer request to build a custom extension against Postgres by BigSQL distribution. Even though BigSQL ships with a large set of commonly used extensions and good collection of FDWs, these kind of user build requirements always crop up, based on how powerful the Postgres extension model is. BigSQL makes it easy [...]

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Relocatable PG RPMs

Relocatable PostgreSQL RPMs - You asked and we delivered! In our years of dealing with PostgreSQL users, one of the main gripes they have with PostgreSQL is not a missing feature or capability but rather it is the fact that the provided rpms are non relocatable rpms. The reasons for wanting relocatable rpms are many [...]

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Holy Easy PostgreSQL deployment

Holy Easy PostgreSQL deployment! In case you missed it, the BigSQL team released an awesome package manager for installing and configuring PostgreSQL and many related, useful components. The package manager can be found here: Playfully named pgc, for ‘pretty good command line’, pgc is a utility similar to yum or apt-get that allows you [...]

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Auditing database changes using pgaudit

It is a very common requirement in the database world to audit database activities such as Sarbanes-Oxley financial regulations or service level impacts. Reason for auditing, granularity of audit information and type of auditing may differ. The PostgreSQL Audit extension (pgaudit) for Postgres provides most of the necessary features for auditing. The BigSQL project ships [...]

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How to install and configure the Oracle Foreign Data Wrapper

How to install and configure the Oracle Foreign Data Wrapper Preinstall Checklist:    - If you have not already, please download and install "Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributal" and Java Runtime Environment (version 7 or 8) Oracle Instant Client install and config:           01. Download and unzip into the same directory: [...]

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Building PostgreSQL on Windows for Performance

Before PostgreSQL 9.1, adding additional features like data types was non-standard and awkward, but 9.1 brought extensions. By adding extensions as well as the plumbing for things like foreign data wrappers, the use of extensions have exploded over the last few years. This is great for people who are using PostgreSQL on Linux or similar [...]

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Stinger Delivers Fast Hive SQL via YARN & TEZ

The latest BigSQL bundle now includes Stinger and Tez to dramatically improve performance and extend the SQL dialect. In the latest distribution of BigSQL Release 2, it is extremely easy to get started exploring Tez and Stinger in your own sandbox environment. Taking advantage of YARN, Stinger is now delivering on its three main goals [...]

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tPostgres Features Sybase & SQL Server Compatibility

We are pleased to announce version 9.3.2 of tPostgres. Find out more at The transformation of the tPostgres: Sybase & SQL Server Compatibility Project project is now complete. We are fully based on the PGTSQL open source PostgreSQL Extension and are fully woking on the very latest and greatest point release of PG (9.3.2). [...]

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