Eclipse for Perl Developers

I’ve spent a lot of time in Perl using Eclipse lately. Personally, I prefer to use vim for most of my development. Lately though, I’ve been spending a lot of time in some complex java with many different references to many different classes; I’ll be honest, I am enjoying the index and code-completion. I have always heard rumbles about perl in eclipse, and figured that I would check it out. My personal favorite turned out to be: . It actually has completion and a few other handy features that ( although I never really wanted them ) are nice to haves. Combine that with vrapper ( ) to give me nice vim keyboard functionality in eclipse and eclipse color theme ( ) to give me light text on a dark background and I’ve got a great dev environment for my two biggest used languages.


NYC PGDAY BigSQL Presentation

At NYC PGDAY 2013 Denis Lussier presented BigSQL = Hadoop plus Postgres.  Denis’s BigSQL presentation focused on leveraging both PostgreSQL and Hadoop to create a Data Platform to meet todays expanding enterprise data needs.  The presentation does a great job of detailing the Open Source components included in OpenSCG’s developer bundles with an explanation of  each components value in the BigSQL ecosystem.  Denis wrapped up the session by installing the BigSQL developer bundles in a live demo and configuring in real time via the included scripts.  This was followed by loading data and executing Hive queries against HDFS.