Installing and Running BigSQL, the Hadoop and Postgres Bundle

This tutorial will show you how to install and run BigSQL. You can download the bundle from BigSQL.org and get started using Hadoop, Hive, Hbase, and PostgreSQL in less than ten minutes. The video below goes over how to: Complete the prerequisites (the commands used can be found here) Start the bundle Open the psql, hive, [...]

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PostgreSQL Studio 1.0 is out

With the growing use of PostgreSQL in the cloud, users are bumping into the challenge of how to interact with their databases. Experienced PostgreSQL users happily ssh into the instance and bring up psql, but there are a ton of new users to PostgreSQL who still aren't comfortable with psql and want a GUI. The [...]

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Hadoop HBase Tutorial

This tutorial with quickly teach you how to use HBase, a column-oriented tool that sits on top of Hadoop, it works best when you have large tables and are accessing your Big Data randomly and in real-time. Though it does not support SQL, HBase can easily be connected to Hive, providing you with the read/write speed of [...]

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