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Building PostgreSQL on Windows for Performance

Before PostgreSQL 9.1, adding additional features like data types was non-standard and awkward, but 9.1 brought extensions. By adding extensions as well as the plumbing for things like foreign data wrappers, the use of extensions have exploded over the last few years. This is great for people who are using PostgreSQL on Linux or similar [...]

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PostgreSQL Studio 2.0 is out

PostgreSQL Studio is a fully open source web based UI for PostgreSQL that is ideal for Postgres in the cloud. With the impending release of PostgreSQL 9.5, PostgreSQL Studio 2.0 has just been released supporting some of the new features in Postgres. The big new feature that requires UI changes is support for Row Level [...]

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PostgreSQL PL/pgSQL Profiler

Some of our customers really like writing their business logic inside of PostgreSQL. While this is really cool that PostgreSQL is capable of handling, trying to performance tune large amounts of PL/pgSQL code becomes unwieldy. If your functions are small enough, it's possible add some logging statements, but that is not possible with hundreds or [...]

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Synchronous Commit

While I was at PGConf.EU a couple of weeks ago in Madrid, I attended a talk by Grant McAlister discussing Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL.  While it was interesting to see how Amazon had made it very simple for developers to get a production PostgreSQL instance quickly, the thing that really caught my eye was the [...]

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PostgreSQL Dollar Quoting

I recently attended a excellent meetup about Redshift and one of the comments by the presenter was the trouble of the running of the UNLOAD command. The trouble they were having was that the UNLOAD command takes an SQL statement as a parameter, but if that SQL statement has strings, you need to escape everything [...]

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Trigger Overhead (Part 2)

I found a bit more time dig into timing of triggers and their overhead so I wanted to see how much overhead the choice of procedural language affected performance. I followed the same testing methodology from my original trigger test. For this test I created an empty trigger in the following languages: PL/pgSQL CREATE FUNCTION [...]

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Trigger Overhead

I recently had discussions with some folks about triggers in PostgreSQL. They had two main questions. What is the overhead of putting a trigger on a table? Should a trigger function be generic with IF statements to do different things for INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE? So I created a simple test to verify some assumptions. [...]

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PostgreSQL Videos

With all of the new users to PostgreSQL, one of the things we wanted to do for PGConf NYC this year was to have a video showing the history of PostgreSQL. We ended up with a very professional video showing how the features have grown over the years and by the applause of the attendees [...]

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PostgreSQL Studio is now on Heroku

One of my main objectives when writing PostgreSQL Studio was to help new users learn PostgreSQL. One of the main drivers of new PostgreSQL users is the different cloud players with Heroku being one of the biggest so it only made sense to start there. I've gone through the process of making PostgreSQL Studio an [...]

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PostgreSQL Studio 1.2 Released

I am happy to announce that version 1.2 of PostgreSQL Studio, an open source web interface for PostgreSQL, was released on February 23, 2014. This releases contains some new functionality mostly around improving SQL Worksheet as well as some bug fixes. The changes in this release are: Features Added Open and Save buttons to SQL [...]

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