Production psql Prompts

I deal with lots of production.  When you're dealing with multiple production machines, it's important to know many things: Who you are What you're connected to Where you are Why you are connected When you are connected Most prompts don't give you any of this detail.  If you're familiar with bash, you probably have heard [...]

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Low Power (and cost) ARM Servers Get Real

Lately I've been fiddling with the new Cubietruck boards. For about $100 you get: Dual Core ARM A20/a7 CPU 2 GB RAM Full connections for 2.5" sata drive Gigabit Ethernet It all runs nicely off of a little 10-watt $10 power supply. Couple this with a $100 2.5" Seagate 1 TB SSHD and you've got [...]

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Browser Wars 2013

Browser Wars 2013 For the most recent month, see below for the breakouts by Browser, Platform & OS of OpenSCG's corporate website. From this data it doesn't take a rocket scientist to conclude that: < p>  Microsoft defintely lost the browser & mobile wars Microsoft has NOT lost the OS war (yet) The folks interested [...]

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Ganglia in the cloud ( unicast instead of multicast )

Last time, I talked about how much I like using Ganglia for monitoring a large number of distributed servers. One of the issues I ran into that is barely covered in the documentation is how to set this up if you cannot use multicast.  Multicast is the default method that ganglia uses to discover nodes. [...]

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PostgreSQL Clustering with Postgres HA

PostgreSQL Clustering made easy with PostgresHA. Authored jointly with Scott Mead, Sr. Architect OpenSCG and Architect of PostgresHA. PostgresHA is Highly Available (HA) PostgreSQL. High Availability High availability is not new. Financial trading systems and the telephone network were federally mandated to provide highly availability. People didn’t do HA because it was a fun project, [...]

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Bash Script for setting JAVA_HOME

Bash Script for setting JAVA_HOME on Linux & OSX [bash] jvmVer=java -version 2&gt;&amp;1 | grep &quot;java version&quot; | awk '{print $3}' | tr -d \&quot; rc=$? if [ ! "$rc" == "0" ]; then echo " " echo "ERROR: JDK does not appear to be installed." exit 3 fi if [ "x$JAVA_HOME" == "x" ]; [...]

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