Low Power (and cost) ARM Servers Get Real

Lately I’ve been fiddling with the new Cubietruck boards. For about $100 you get:

– Dual Core ARM A20/a7 CPU
– 2 GB RAM
– Full connections for 2.5″ sata drive
– Gigabit Ethernet

It all runs nicely off of a little 10-watt $10 power supply. Couple this with a $100 2.5″ Seagate 1 TB SSHD and you’ve got a efficient, powerful, scale-out little Linux server for 200 USD a piece. Heck, what is that these days, 100 euros. :-)

This is going to change the world… this is why I am an investor in ARMH, STX and AMD. Note that AMD has nothing to do with my Cubietruck project, but, they recently signed a contract with ARMH to manufacture ARM chips in bulk.


Using Ubuntu 12.10 on VMware Fusion 5

It all works great if you know the two tricks below.

1.) Go into the VMware Display Setting and shut off accelerated graphics (or it won’t boot)

2.) VMware Build Tools must be built from source on this newbie Linux Kernel, this will happen automagically in the vmware-install.pl script as long as you first install build-essential and the linux-headers.

$ sudo apt-get install build-essential

$ sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)

$ sudo ./vmware-install.pl -d