Browser Wars 2013

Browser Wars 2013

For the most recent month, see below for the breakouts by Browser, Platform & OS of OpenSCG’s corporate website. From this data it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to conclude that:


  • Microsoft defintely lost the browser & mobile wars
  • Microsoft has NOT lost the OS war (yet)
  • The folks interested in OpenSCG’s content are dweebs
  • Our content is not compelling enough for folks to want to see it from the Smartphones


Summarized by Browser

Google Chrome 40%
Firefox 31%
Internet Explorer 10%
Safari 10%
Android 7%
iOS 5%
BlackBerry .6%
Windows Phone .04%


Summarized by Platform

PC 91%
Mobile 9%


Summarized by OS

Windows 52%
Linux 18%
OSX 17%
Other 3%