What happens when you combine Postgres and Hadoop? You have the best of both worlds… BigSQL! By leveraging the strength inherent in both underlying open source data architectures you end up with an extremely powerful solution to many analytical challenges. OpenSCG has created a set of developer friendly bundles to allow developers to quickly begin evaluating the power offered by both data solutions. Obviously, this is targeted at developers looking to analyse significant amounts of data.

Most experts now agree having a set of tool’s to solve today’s data challenges is the correct approach when dealing with large data quantities. Relational technology has been around for a while and offers many advantages. Most organizations have significant investments in people and infrastructure around Postgres or other DBMS environments. Being able to continue to grow this knowledge asset makes a lot of sense. Eventually though the cost of vertical scaling in a non linear fashion forces organizations to look at other options. This is where Hadoop shines, providing distributed processing and allowing extremely large data quantities to be processed. By providing a framework that detects errors across a cluster Hadoop provides not just high performance but also high reliability.

All of the BigSQL bundles include Postgres, Hadoop, Hive, Sqoop and Flume and are available for both Linux 64 and OSX 64. Give them a try and let us know what you think, we are always looking for feedback to continue to extend and enhance BigSQL.