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PostgreSQL Security Fixes Released April 4th

This update fixes a high-exposure security vulnerability in versions 9.0 and later. All users of the affected versions are strongly urged to apply the update immediately.

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Good Enough?

Building upon my previous blog post, where I declared Postgres was "good enough", I want to explore what "good enough" means. I will use an aircraft design analogy. (You might remember me exploring a Postgres/aircraft parallel before.) In aircraft ...

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Postgres Is Good Enough

With the increased attention Postgres is getting, many ask whether Postgres has the same features as Oracle, MS SQL, or DB2. Of course, the answer is that Postgres doesn't have all their features, and never will, but it is also true that those other ...

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What is pgHIVE

pgHIVE is both a dream AND a reality... The current iteration of the project is a complex beast written in Python that is rather hard to deal with in a developers bundle and/or installer. My friend Joey Terrano is architecting the next generation that is a C based PostgreSQL Foreign Data Wrapper that uses JNI [...]

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BigSQL Tutorial Materials

I uploaded BigSQL 13.02.6 tonight. Check it out at As per the release notes, the examples now exactly match what was demonstrated at my NYC Pg Day presentation last week. Below is a transcript of how to run the examples and the output you can expect. Peter Yarrow is turning this into nice documentation. [...]

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NYC PGDAY BigSQL Presentation

At NYC PGDAY 2013 Denis Lussier presented BigSQL = Postgres + Hadoop. Denis' BigSQL presentation focused on leveraging both PostgreSQL and Hadoop to create a data platform to meet today's expanding enterprise data needs. The presentation does a great job of detailing the Open Source components included in OpenSCG's developer bundles with an explanation of each component's value [...]

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Postgres as a Data Platform

With the all the excitement surrounding Postgres, I have heard speculation about why Postgres has become such a big success. Many point to our exemplary community structure, while others point to our technical rigor. One item of particular scrutiny ...

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Conference Report

I just returned from PGDay NYC. The conference had an intensity that I have not seen in other conferences recently. Last year's PGDay NYC conference was in a large facility and felt dominated by people considering Postgres for serious deployments. ...

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Introducing PostgresHA

OpenSCG is proud to publically announce the PostgresHA project. It is a 100% free and open source version of PostgreSQL that includes a set of proven scripts that supports streaming replication, read-only slaves, push-button or automatic failover for HA, and multi-datacenter asynchronous replication for Disaster Recovery. Check it out for yourself at --Luss

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Bash Script for setting JAVA_HOME

Bash Script for setting JAVA_HOME on Linux & OSX [bash] jvmVer=java -version 2>&1 | grep "java version" | awk '{print $3}' | tr -d \" rc=$? if [ ! "$rc" == "0" ]; then echo " " echo "ERROR: JDK does not appear to be installed." exit 3 fi if [ "x$JAVA_HOME" == "x" ]; [...]

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