With the increased attention Postgres is getting, many ask whether
Postgres has the same features as Oracle, MS SQL, or DB2. Of course, the answer is that Postgres doesn’t have all their features, and
never will, but it is also true that those other databases will never have all of Postgres’s
features. The better question is whether Postgres has all the features
you need for a successful deployment, and the answer to that is usually an enthusiastic “yes”.

This gets into the larger question of when something is good enough. Good enough sounds negative, like you are giving up something to
settle for a partial solution. However, good enough is often the best option, as the negative aspects of an ideal solution (cost,
overhead, rigidity) often make good enough best. In response to Oracle’s
announcement of new hardware, this
Slashdot comment captures how great good enough can be:

I used to work in exclusively Sun shops, and I’ve dealt with Oracle for years. There’s little that the hardware and their database can do
that can’t be replicated by x64 and something like Postgres with some thought behind your architecture. For certain, the features they do
have are not cost effective against the hundreds of thousands of dollars you pay for Oracle DB licensing, and the premium you pay for
SPARC hardware and support.

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