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A state-of-the-art Big Data Warehouse solution that is fast, secure and continuously available. BigSQL will scale from your desktop to the cloud. Run real time OLAP directly from the worlds most secure RDBMS.

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You can immediately put BigSQL to work on your Relational Data and Big Data. BigSQL is an integrated bundle of:

  • PostgresHA – Highly Available PostgreSQL, the worlds most advanced open source database,
  • Hadoop, the archetypical Big Data solution and
  • Hive, an implementation of relational table abstrations.

BigSQL Architecture.

BigSQL Architecture

This is the core BigSQL engine and together they give you a Highly Available Big Data Warehouse solution.

When you add in components like Enterprise Search (Solr), Streams Processors (Pig), ETL (Sqoop) you have all the components required to analyze real time data directly from PostgreSQL including your NoSQL data in Hadoop.

Linear Scalability.

BigSQL leverages the linear scalability of Hadoop and HDFS across low cost commodity hardware and/or the cloud. It can easily scale to petabytes of information.

Platform Ubiquity.

BigSQL will lay down cleanly in 64 bit Linux (Production) and 64 bit OS X (Development) distros.

 24 x 7.

Every part of your Big Data stack should be hardened. The Hive Relational Metastore in BigSQL is PostgresHA, a Highly Available PostgreSQL implementation that can be set up and distributed exactly the same way that you would any Big Data implementation. You can have Active Standby clusters in the same datacenter but in different racks, you can stream to a remote Disaster Recover node.

Open Source.

Every component of BigSQL is Open Source. Some components serve double duty.

ZooKeeper is used as the distributed coordinator for HDFS and is used as the distributed lock manager in Hive. PostgresSQL, through PostgresHA is the relational metastore in Hive and a Relational Data Warehouse in it’s own right.

Each software component is free and it runs on cheap freely available hardware. If you cobble together enough Raspberry Pi’s, your entire hardware software stack could be open source.


BigSQL is built on PostgreSQL, the worlds most secure RDBMS.

Data Equivalence.

BigSQL gives you equivalent access to your Big Data and Relational Data through psql (the PostgresHA Command Line Interface) and the Hadoop Foreign Data Wrapper.


OpenSCG The people that built BigSQL are here to help, from package customization through on-site consulting to 24 x 7 database administration.


“From data to information, from information to insight.”