Tonight I worked on getting PostgreSQL running in the Juno Eclipse debugger on Max OSX. It was relatively easy to do by following this Working with Eclipse post on the PostgreSQL wiki site.

The cool thing is that the above Wiki post works nicely even though:

  • It is a Linux example rather than OSX
  • It is for PG version 8.4 rather than PG 9.2
  • It is for an old version of Eclipse Helios rather than Juno

I think this gets to the very heart of what makes PostgreSQL so powerful, efficient and stable.

  1. A superior ANSI C code base that works consistently across all major computing platforms of today (and still runs on many from yesteryear as well).
  2. A large & active community the produces so much great documentation that figuring out how to do advanced stuff is always just a goggle search away for those so inclined.