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PostgreSQL Server Programming

After quite a long journey, the latest PostgreSQL book by Packt is out the door. I've been involved in the publishing process before when I helped review Greg Smith's "PostgreSQL 9.0 High Performance"  book which ended up being a pretty fun experience. That's what my original role was on the "PostgreSQL Server Programming", but due [...]

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Meetup: Leveraging Hadoop in your PostgreSQL Environment

Our very own Jim "Jimbo" Mlodgenski will be hosting a Meetup Thursday June 27th at 6pm to discuss: Leveraging Hadoop in your PostgreSQL Environment! The event will be graciously held at: Slader 199 Lafayette Street Suite 3B New York, NY To register click here Details.... There is buzz everywhere about Apache Hadoop and rightfully so. It's an [...]

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Browser Wars 2013

Browser Wars 2013 For the most recent month, see below for the breakouts by Browser, Platform & OS of OpenSCG's corporate website. From this data it doesn't take a rocket scientist to conclude that: < p>  Microsoft defintely lost the browser & mobile wars Microsoft has NOT lost the OS war (yet) The folks interested [...]

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Announcing BigSQL 9.3 Beta 1.7

Our latest BigSQL Beta is now feature rich and stable. Powerful/simple/safe developers sandbox bundles are available for Linux and OSX. BigSQL leverages new features of PostgreSQL 9.3 to provide seamless & deep integration with Hadoop/Hive. The combined bundle gives you all the best OLTP features of standard ANSI PostgreSQL with all of the massive parallel [...]

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Eclipse for Perl Developers

I've spent a lot of time in Perl using Eclipse lately. Personally, I prefer to use vim for most of my development. Lately though, I've been spending a lot of time in some complex java with many different references to many different classes; I'll be honest, I am enjoying the index and code-completion. I have [...]

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Ganglia in the cloud ( unicast instead of multicast )

Last time, I talked about how much I like using Ganglia for monitoring a large number of distributed servers. One of the issues I ran into that is barely covered in the documentation is how to set this up if you cannot use multicast.  Multicast is the default method that ganglia uses to discover nodes. [...]

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SQL NoSQL Why Choose?

Let's quickly take a look at the strengths and weakness of current SQL and NoSQL databases with an eye towards where they are today!  Its clear there is tremendous investment and development extending both SQL an NoSQL solutions (often to provide functions inherent in the other!) and over time innovation will close these gaps.  Exactly when and how [...]

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Announcing BenchmarkSQL 4.0

I've been working on this project for nine years now and it finally doesn't suck. :-) Thanks to Cady Motyka for finishing the work to rip out the annoying Swing GUI on this TPC-C like RDBMS Benchmark. It now runs wonderfully from the command-line and is useful for testing the performance of any RDBMS OLTP [...]

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