I’ve spent a lot of time in Perl using Eclipse lately. Personally, I prefer to use vim for most of my development. Lately though, I’ve been spending a lot of time in some complex java with many different references to many different classes; I’ll be honest, I am enjoying the index and code-completion. I have always heard rumbles about perl in eclipse, and figured that I would check it out. My personal favorite turned out to be: http://www.epic-ide.org/ . It actually has completion and a few other handy features that ( although I never really wanted them ) are nice to haves. Combine that with vrapper ( http://vrapper.sourceforge.net/home/ ) to give me nice vim keyboard functionality in eclipse and eclipse color theme ( http://marketplace.eclipse.org/content/eclipse-color-theme ) to give me light text on a dark background and I’ve got a great dev environment for my two biggest used languages.