After quite a long journey, the latest PostgreSQL book by Packt is out the door. I’ve been involved in the publishing process before when I helped review Greg Smith’s “PostgreSQL 9.0 High Performance”  book which ended up being a pretty fun experience. That’s what my original role was on the “PostgreSQL Server Programming”, but due to some scheduling issues, I ended up taking on a much larger role.

The reason I originally got involved in the book is because I thought it filled a need that really didn’t exist. There was no PostgreSQL book, at least not based on a recent PostgreSQL version, that just targeted developers. Many PostgreSQL books would touch on things like writing functions and triggers, but they would be also include many operations and administrative topics as well. The “PostgreSQL Server Programming” book just focuses on topics geared for the developer. It starts at a high level with learning how to write functions with PL/pgSQL and digs all the way down to writing extensions in C.