The Data Warehousing Institute anticipates that Hadoop technologies will soon become a common and valuable complement to established products and practices for BI ( Increasingly, data conscious businesses are putting their BI groups under pressure for all sorts of data and analytics. Where, some time back, a weekly report summarizing a few select KPIs was enough, expectations from BI have increased exponentially. The team is required now to not only furnish the required KPIs but also lend a hand in operational troubleshooting, running ad-hoc analytics, integrating with development teams in order to guide them on reporting needs, and of course be always available with data at their fingertips. “I will get back to you tomorrow” is no longer an acceptable answer!

In terms of availability of tools, on the face of it, the demands conflict each other. While some tools out there will help you store long term data, they will not let you run ad-hoc queries efficiently. Some other tools will be very good at ad-hoc analytics, but they will bog you down when you need to load huge quantities of data in real-time. BI seems to be in a state of conflict all the time.

We think BigSQL is the answer. BigSQL brings the best of two worlds together in a single entity. On one hand, you get Hadoop’s scalability, high-availability, and ultra-fast bulk loads. On the other hand, you get to leverage PostgreSQL’s ANSI compliant SQL analytics and structured data approach. What BigSQL does for you is to help avoid the ‘either/or’ question. You no longer have to choose between SQL and NoSQL. You get both at the same time … you get to harness that immense power.

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