Every so often I like to take a look at trending data to get a feel for technology trends and attempt to draw some insights moving forward.  Recently with the overwhelming hype around BigData and Hadoop, I decided to take a closer look at the relative search traffic between Postgres and Hadoop.

Using Google Trends is a quick way to rank relative popularity of search terms over time.  For the trending below I used worldwide data.

Starting in 2011, you can see that Postgres is a more popular term than Hadoop.  Hadoop clearly is trending up relative to Postgres over the year.

In 2012, both terms are close with Hadoop continuing to close the gap.

In 2013, Hadoop passes Postgres but, not by much.  I personally find this interesting relative to the hype that exists around Hadoop and BigData in general.  Swapping the word Hadoop with BigData shows simular results.  Based on media Hype I would not have predicted this outcome.

I also noted that Postgres “searches” like almost all relational databases trended down from 2004 to 2009, but then flattened out around 2010.  This is followed by an uptick in searches over the last couple of years.  I attribute this to the focus on data and folks understanding in greater detail the importance of data management in their enterprises big and small.  I believe the BigData challenge is driving people to think about their data more holistically, and folks are realizing one size does not fit all.  At OpenSCG, we anticipate multiple data store technologies to continue to be leveraged to meet the diverse needs different types of data presents.

One last random observations from this exercise…  Oracle searches still outweigh Postgres searches 12 to 1.  Down from approximately 20 to 1 in 2004.  The Postgres community still has plenty of room for growth.