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Latency: That pesky little thing

Recently, I was helping out a client improve their performance of their ETL processes. They were loading several million rows and updating several million more and the whole process was taking better than 7 hours. Jumping in, it was apparent they didn't spare any expense on the hardware. With 256GB of RAM and a high [...]

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Hadoop Thrift Tutorial

At OpenSCG we have been using thrift to make a Hadoop Foreign Data Wrapper. This tool, which is already integrated into BigSQL, allows you to take advantage of the power of Hadoop from within PostgreSQL. The BigSQL Tutorial show how you can easily create a postgres table that references a Hive or Hbase table, run [...]

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Hadoop HBase Tutorial

This tutorial with quickly teach you how to use HBase, a column-oriented tool that sits on top of Hadoop, it works best when you have large tables and are accessing your Big Data randomly and in real-time. Though it does not support SQL, HBase can easily be connected to Hive, providing you with the read/write speed of [...]

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Postgres FDW’s are HOT

Over the last couple years Postgres Foreign Data Wrappers (FDW's) having matured into something very powerful and complete. You can integrate with other Postgres and non-Postgres database instances natively and seamlessly. Check out this blog post from the good people at Heroku and you'll start to understand the beauty and simplicity. The postgres_fdw data wrapper [...]

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New Postgres Hadoop Strengths and Use Cases

This presentation given by OpenSCG provides a quick overview of the strengths of Postgres and Hadoop and then outlines several use cases leveraging both technologies together (simple sign up required) Postgres Hadoop Strengths and Use Cases

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