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PostgreSQL, Hadoop, and Pentaho to Analyze and Visualize Data

This tutorial shows how to use Postgres, Hadoop, Hive, Hbase, and Pig to load, refine, and store big data for visualization- all in fewer than five minutes. You can watch the BigSQL, Postgres + Hadoop, Pentaho Demo here or follow along with the written version below. [youtube url="" fs="1" rel="0"] The following tutorial shows the scripts [...]

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Hadoop and Pentaho Tutorial Video

In this Video sample web log data is ingested into Hadoop HDFS, processed with a number of pig jobs and analyzed with Pentaho.  All completed in lightning time using BigSQL.  Interested in getting Big Data results?  Try our Hadoop Jumpstart! [youtube url="" autohide="1" rel="0" showsearch="0"]

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The Power of Enums

Recently, I was helping out a company that handles financial data so the quality of there data was vital to their business. With that, they dutifully used foreign keys on most tables to ensure that all data entered into PostgreSQL was as expected. They also had a fondness for natural keys. Their reasoning, which makes [...]

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JasperReports with Hadoop – Tutorial

This tutorial covers step by step instruction on running Jasper Reports with Hadoop using Jaspersoft Studio easy and simple to use environment . Also, publishing the created sample report with Jasperserver that is connected to Jaspersoft Studio . 1. Prerequisites a) BigSQL Tutorial is required to be followed till Step 3 Step 1 : Creating example.customer_history [...]

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With the release of PostgreSQL 9.3, it let's us do some really cool things with writable foreign tables. BigSQL has just released a Hadoop Foreign Data Wrapper that is writable into HDFS files and Hbase tables. The Hbase integration allows for full SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE syntax through PostgreSQL and the HDFS integration allows [...]

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Tutorial – Run BIRT against Hadoop

This tutorial covers setting up of BIRT (Business Intelligence Reporting Tool) to run against Hadoop. BIRT is a relatively simple and yet powerful analytics tool and the tutorial will help you harness the power against Hadoop. 1. Pre-Requisites BigSQL Tutorial The BigSQL Tutorial ( needs to be followed till step 3 Step 1 : Creating example.customer_history [...]

Mondrian, Hadoop & Postgres Tutorial

This tutorial will provide instructions on how to install Mondrian, an Online Analytical Processing Analysis Server, with Tomcat and Hadoop in BigSQL and enable users to analyze large quantities of data in real-time. 1. First, you will need to download the following: a) Download Mondrian 3.5.0 Developers Version from the path b) Extract the downloaded [...]

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kCGErrorFailure with BigSQL

So you are trying to start BigSQL on your mac and get the following error: java[5413] <Error>: kCGErrorFailure: Set a breakpoint @ CGErrorBreakpoint() to catch errors as they are logged. after trying to run the following command: hadoop namenode -format The issue may have to do with the combination of your OS and Java version [...]

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Hadoop Tutorials Hive HBase Flume Scoop Thrift and More

Over the last several months the team at OpenSCG has created a number of Hadoop Tutorials covering key  projects in the Hadoop ecosystem including Hive, HBase, Flume, Scoop and Thrift.  These Tutorials are designed to quickly highlight the usage of Hadoop with working examples that can be quickly worked through and modified!  To help you find [...]

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Cygwin64 is Quite Nice

It's a pretty complete POSIX/Bash scripting environment for Windows with good OpenSSH Client/Server capabilities. If you must use Windows for a project, and your a command line Unix &/or Linux person. This really is a must have.

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