Over the last several months the team at OpenSCG has created a number of Hadoop Tutorials covering key  projects in the Hadoop ecosystem including Hive, HBase, Flume, Scoop and Thrift.  These Tutorials are designed to quickly highlight the usage of Hadoop with working examples that can be quickly worked through and modified!  To help you find what you are looking for here is a quick overview of our tutorials complete with links!

As a prerequisite we use BigSQL as our developer bundle.  This can be installed on OSX and Linux in under 10 minutes and includes all the components needed for the tutorial series.

BigSQL comes with its own self contained tutorial that can be found here: BigSQL Tutorial 

A great place to start is the Hadoop Hive Tutorial Zero to Results in under 15 minutes. In addition to providing examples of Hive in action, the tutorial covers the installation of BigSql for first timers.

Interested in Hbase?  Check out our Hadoop HBase Tutorial

BigSQL bundles Postgres into the distribution.  This makes it very easy to learn Scoop and Flume!

Starting with Scoop we have  Hadoop Scoop Tutorial HDFS – Postgres made easy!

And Flume at Using Hadoop to Flume Twitter Data 

And finally we take a look at Thrift here Hadoop Thrift Tutorial

Keep checking back as we plan on continuing to create tutorials to help demystify Hadoop with real world working examples!!