With the recent announcement from Amazon that PostgreSQL will be available as a standard RDS option,  I feel compelled to ask you to consider what would happen if you open sourced Postgres Plus Advanced Server….

Here’s one plausible scenario to consider…

1) Postgres usage and adoption rates will excel a rate not seen to date.  It would be a no brainer for Amazon and many others to include Advanced Server in their solutions and offerings.  Let’s face it, I’m confident they don’t like paying for proprietary software any more than their users do.  Check out the difference in instance pricing between Postgres and Oracle.

2) Converting from Oracle to Postgres would be as easy as “spinning up an instance”…  Ok maybe not that easy, but it sure would be easy to try, and work in many of today’s data usage scenarios.  I would bet over time the community would continue to make it easier and easier.

3) A key barrier to Enterprise customer adoption would be removed.  Migration projects are costly and take time.  If your going to invest to make the transition, do you really want to end up on another closed platform?  

4) Your business would boom with the rising tide.  You could focus your marketing might on valuable customer support, focused services, training and solutions.

5) You would be instrumental in helping Postgres achieve its full potential and a true catalyst for change.  Your team would be aligned with the community at large.  I have heard your team say “we all win together”.

6) Your shareholders would be rewarded.  Even common stock holders! (Full disclosure: I do own some common stock)

From my viewpoint the time is now;  you hold the keys to enabling a great tipping point.