If you’ve never heard of PostgreSQL’s “foreign data wrappers” — you’ve been missing out on a very powerful tool to connect and integrate heterogenous databases. By leveraging FDW’s, you can put PostgreSQL at the center of a integrated database federation and read and write data from other PostgreSQL servers, other relational databases (Oracle, MySQL), many NoSQL systems (MongoDB, Hadoop) and even Twitter!

Heck – FDW’s are so powerful that MongoDB just released their BI connector as a PostgreSQL FDW!! (excellent write up by John De Goes of SlamData)

At this year’s PostgresOpen, Jim Mlodgenski from OpenSCG gave a great talk about Federated PostgreSQL using FDW’s. Watch this video to learn the basics of what FDW’s are, how they work, and how you can easily combine data from PostgreSQL, other DBMS’s, and NoSQL db’s all in a single SQL query.

Thanks to Daily Tech Video for highlighting this talk in their post [Video 378] Jim Mlodgenski: PostgreSQL Federation.