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pgBackRest with PostgreSQL Sandbox on Debian / Ubuntu

pgBackRest is one of the most powerful backup solutions available for PostgreSQL. It has enterprise level features like compression, multiple channels (threads) of backup execution, incremental and differential backups etc. The official documentation is Debian-centric in its focus. I wanted to test it out with the PostgreSQL sandbox from the BigSQL project. Setting up PostgreSQL Sandbox and Installing pgBackRest The BigSQL [...]

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My PL/pgSQL code is stuck, but where?

In the short time that I am enhancing the PL profiler ( I have been asked multiple times if it can be abused as a debugging aid. Not directly. The conversation goes something like this:Q: When my PL code is stuc...

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Compiling new Postgres (9.6.x) on newest LTS Ubuntu (16.04)

It is great to confirm that the latest version of Postgres cleanly builds on the latest Ubuntu without any errors or warnings.   Hmmm, I wonder now if GGC 5 makes anything measurably run faster?? Pre-Requisites: [code] $ sudo apt-get install build-essential libreadline-dev zlib1g-dev flex bison libxml2-dev libxslt-dev libssl-dev [/code] With this complete, you can [...]

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MySQL Foreign Data Wrapper : A quick tour

Data centers are no longer dominated by a single DBMS. Many companies have heterogeneous environments and may want their Postgres database to talk to other database systems. Foreign Data Wrappers can be the right solution for many scenarios. The BigSQL Project provides a well tested, ready to use MySQL FDW with Postgres. This makes life easy for [...]

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Welcome Affan

Affan Salman joins the team East Brunswick, NJ, March 1, 2016 OpenSCG, a leading provider of subscriptions and services for PostgreSQL, announced today that Affan Salman has joined its team of top-tier PostgreSQL talent as Senior Database Architect. Affan is the primary original author of EnterpriseDB's Oracle compatibility from 10 years ago and has spent [...]

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