pgAdmin III Warning Window Are you a pgAdmin3 user looking to try out the new release of Postgres 9.6? Tired of that error message popping up and warning you that with 9.6 pgAdmin might not function as expected?

Today BigSQL is pleased to announce pgAdmin3 LTS, the only supported version of the most popular PostgreSQL community client. Binaries work with OSX and Windows for PostgreSQL 8.4 thru 9.6.

Included in the release are community bug-fixes that didn’t make it into the final pgAdmin3 community release as well as a few tweaks:

  • Add classid filter to queries on pg_depend parachutist
  • Fix the psql plugin command on OSX to work more reliably
  • Fix an issue with functions on Greenplum
  • Include the Negator when reverse engineering SQL for Operators
  • 9.6 support – no warnings at startup
  • No guru tips message
  • A paired down directory tree in the interface
  • Install it today along with Postgres by BigSQL via our graphical installers for 9.6 or as a stand-alone via our package manager for 8.4 thru 9.6 by just typing:

    pgc update
    pgc install pgadmin3
    pgc start pgadmin3