new_me Hey everyone!

My name’s Douglas Hunley, and I recently joined OpenSCG as a Sr Architect. I’ve been working with PostgreSQL since around version 7.3.4 (back in ’03) and I’m a certified PostgreSQL DBA (and trainer), an RHCSA, and recently a certified AWS Technical Professional.  Several lifetimes ago I was also a certified Oracle DBA on 8i (what can I say? I was young and stupid). I’m really excited to be joining OpenSCG in their technical services organization and I’m pretty stoked about our BigSQL offering too! I’ll be blogging here from time to time about various PostgreSQL and OpenSCG things and I’m also now managing the @openscg twitter account, so give me a shout there if you like!

And in case I don’t see you, good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight! 🙂