In the geospatial world there are usually 2 types of people supporting spatially enabled databases:

diego 1. GIS analysts  (scientist, statisticians, analysts, etc) who find themselves as the de facto DBA (among other things).
“I don’t have time for this! I’m saving this sea turtle. Just give me a GUI!”

yoda 2. DBAs who find themselves supporting these strange spatially enabled databases.
“Real men only use command line! And what the hell is GIS?”

arcinfo Of course, some of you old school GISers may really love to geek out on the CLI (ArcI/Info anyone?).

But GIS has come a long way since 1982. For one thing, the learning curve for running GIS analysis is becoming less intimidating due to new SaaS geospatial companies like our friends at Carto. For another, open source (FREE!) server and desktop software has caught up with (and in some cases surpassed) its proprietary counterparts (see out post “Why are you still paying for your GIS“).

At BigSQL, we want you to know we love you for who you are. And in that spirit, just in time for the release of PostgreSQL 9.6.2 and PostGIS 2.3.2, we are introducing tools to help you build and monitor your spatially enabled databases that will satisfy whichever tribe you belong to: the GUIs or the CLIs.

In our next post we will help Tribe Yoda (aka CLIs) leverage the PGCLI: Pretty Good Command Line Interface to make installing, updating, configuring, and monitoring PostgreSQL/PostGIS simple and FREE!