Why move your Oracle database to the cloud? It just doesn’t make sense. You are moving to the cloud for flexibility, for cost savings, for ease of changing your infrastructure. Does doubling your Oracle license fee for AWS or Azure usage sound like Oracle wants to let you have flexibility or cost savings??

(Hint: NO!!)

Instead of moving your winnebago of an Oracle database to the cloud, Migrate to PostgreSQL in the cloud!!

Let’s see what you would get:

  • World’s most advanced open source database
  • Scalable and high performance db engine
  • Large, active community
  • Commercial support available

And what you would be missing that you’re used to from Oracle:

  • Huge license fees and annual maintenance
  • Constant bugs and patch maintenance
  • Arbitrary price hikes

We have done many migrations for customers from Oracle (and other commercial databases). Some are small, quick projects. Others are larger and more involved with large stored procedures and business logic in the database or SQL and C-api calls embedded throughout the application code. In many cases, customers see their payback — from Oracle licenses savings alone — in 6 to 12 months, and always it’s less than 2 years!

The biggest cost of a migration is testing. If you’re moving to the cloud, you will already be testing, and setting up staging environments, and working on a cut-over plan. Why not take all the effort you’re putting in to move to the cloud and get a huge benefit by moving to Open Source?

Think about that for a minute. Keep paying huge fees for a buggy product you don’t own and whose rent can go up any time? Or move to open source and recoup your migration cost in 12-24 months?

I know I would rather migrate than be assimilated by the Big Red Borg.