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Proliferation of NUMERIC

More and more I'm seeing people use a NUMERIC for their primary keys. This is a direct result of people leveraging automated tools for their Oracle to PostgreSQL migration. Oracle's NUMBER data type is frequently used as the primary key for a table so the tools just map to a PostgreSQL NUMERIC and calls it [...]

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How to Save Money: Migrating from Oracle DW to AWS RDS PostgreSQL

How do you migrate a large, expensive, and on premises Oracle data warehouse to a free, open source, and cloud hosted database? PostgreSQL + Amazon RDS + OpenSCG (of course) The Customer A leader in the GPS (Global Positioning System) market has a fleet management product that provides businesses with real-time visibility of vehicle location, [...]

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Migrations: What applications should I migrate?

When you have made the decision to investigate migrating your database applications from one database platform to another, the next big question you will need to answer is ‘Which application(s)?’ It seems like an easy enough question but there are many variables involved in whether or not the migration will be smooth. Technically, any application [...]

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Strategic Autovacuum

There's a big mis-conception that autovacuum is evil. Although it's true that autovacuum can do things unexpectedly, I've found that it's better to tune it up and let it do what it does best. There are always going to be large / busy / special tables that need special attention, and that's okay. Attached is [...]

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Migrating from MongoDB (back) to PostgreSQL

We helped a customer move from MongoDB back to PostgreSQL. It's an interesting story about some of the challenges of scaling a database platform and ways that PostgreSQL provides very reliable, robust, scalable data services. The Customer The customer is a software company that provides mobile enterprise security and threat protection. Their product provides security [...]

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Why Migrate?

“Why migrate to Postgres?” is a question that we used to hear a lot in the past. There used to be a number of different reasons to migrate including, take advantage of new technology, a change of staff skills, vendor consolidation caused friction and of course, cost. Nowadays, the main reason we hear for migrating [...]

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PostgreSQL Game Changer: Change Data Capture

One of the really cool things I learned at this year's PostgreSQL@SCaLE event was the new push of the PostgreSQL driver developers to integrate support for the PostgreSQL replication protocol. Dave Cramer first talked about in his JDBC talk and after talking to others, I found out the latest version of PsycoPG also has replication [...]

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Successful database Migrations : Are they really possible?

We talk to a lot of clients who want to perform database migrations but just about all of them are skeptical that the project will be a success. There are a number of reasons for this, including: Fear Lack of time to take on project Belief that their usage isn’t easy convertible to a new [...]

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