To help our colleagues at OpenSCG provide better service to our clients, BigSQL developed pgDevOps – a one stop shop to provision, develop, and monitor PostgreSQL databases.

And now… we are making pgDevOps available to the PostgreSQL community!

How Does pgDevOps Help?

Install and Provision:

Package Manager: One-click installs of PostgreSQL versions and an extensive list of community packages to extend your PostgreSQL capabilities. Keep PostgreSQL and community components up-to-date with the check for updates feature.
Host Manager (beta): Provision multiple servers in one convenient location.

Monitor and Tune:

Component Details: Monitor you PostgreSQL instance’s status, activity, and configuration.
pgBadger: Access to the popular pgBadger log analysis tool is baked into the pgDevOps interface.
plProfiler: Create performance profiles of PL/pgSQL functions and stored procedures and increase efficiency of your code.
Log Tailer: View the latest activity in component logs.

Administer and Develop:

pgAdmin4 Web Integration: Simple navigation to switch to the pgAdmin4 Web interface automatically hooked to your PostgreSQL installation(s).
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pgDevOps needs pip. Our Windows installer comes bundled with pip. If you are running Mac or Linux, if pip is not already installed on your system, you will need to run the following commands as a user with sudo privileges:

  • Mac OSX:

    sudo easy_install pip
  • CentOS 7.1, 7.2:

    If easy_install is not present, install it first.

    sudo yum -y install python-setuptools.noarch
    sudo easy_install pip
  • Ubuntu 12, 14, 16:

    Ubuntu may require installing few python related packages first if they are not already present.

    sudo apt-get install python-setuptools python-openssl libpython2.7
    sudo easy_install pip


Using our 9.6 OSX & Windows graphical installers, you can install pgDevOps at the end as an optional component

It’s also easy to install pgDevOps via our command line package manager (in Linux, OSX or Windows) by just typing three simple command:

pgc install pgdevops
pgc init pgdevops
pgc start pgdevops