We are pleased to announce pgAdmin3 LTS is now available on OSX and Windows for PostgreSQL 10!

As v1.0 of pgAdmin4 was released in September of 2016, the pgAdmin Development Team decided to no longer support pgAdmin III with any more fixes. We believe that pgAdmin3 usage should fade out over time and have forked the code to include basic support for PostgreSQL 9.6+.

Try it out!

Install pgAdmin3 LTS by BigSQL

If you haven’t already installed PostgreSQL, start here.

Via Command Line

Windows users don’t prefix the pgc command with ./ as shown in the following commands:

cd <directory of installation>
./pgc install pgadmin3
./pgc start pgadmin3


If you haven’t already, install pgDevOps.

In pgDevOps, navigate to Package Manager, select the pgAdmin3 component, and install.

Already have pgAdmin3 installed?

cd <directory of installation>
./pgc update
./pgc upgrade pgadmin3

Wanna delete pgAdmin3?

cd <directory of installation>
./pgc remove pgadmin3

As always, give us your feedback so that we can continue to support and respond to the needs of the PostgreSQL community.