The good folks on the PostGIS development team recently the released of PostGIS 2.3.3:

As befits a patch release, the focus is on bugs and breakages. Best served with PostgreSQL 9.6.3+ and pgRouting 2.4.1.

See the full list of changes here.

And now… the new release is available in the BigSQL distribution!

If you haven’t installed the BigSQL distribution and setup your PostGIS database start here:
PostGIS – How to create a Spatial Database with PGC Command Line

If you have been using our distribution (good for you!) you can easily upgrade to the latest release with the following command lines:

./pgc update
./pgc upgrade postgis23-pg96

And then connect to database you want to upgrade and run the following command:


Now check to make sure your distribution has been updates:

./pgc list

You should see the following row listed for the postgis23-pg96 extension:

Category Component Version Stage ReleaseDt Status Cur? Updates
Extensions postgis23-pg96 2.3.3-1 2017-07-13 Installed 1

The version number consists of:

  • 2.3.3 is the release number from the PostGIS development community
  • -1 is the BigSQL release where we have made improvements our fixes to our distribution

Keep a lookout for our dash releases as we make more improvements to our internal builds.

And… in fact, stay-tuned for an upcoming -2 release the improves our ST_Transform and adds JSON-C (ST_GeomFromGeoJson) functionality to the mix.