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BigSQL Announces Support of pg_hint_plan in Linux

You say Optimizer, I say Planner... But, oh, if we call the whole thing off Then we must part And, oh, if we ever part, then that might break my heart... Are you an Oracle DBA making the transition to PostgreSQL? Are you longing for the good old days when you could override decisions made [...]

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Hadoop FDW in easy steps

There is good demand for Hadoop integration with Postgres using FDW. Due to same reasonPostgres by BigSQL ships Hadoop FDW package along with other binaries. let me give a quick step by step instruction (with an example) on how to set it up. For preparing these steps, I used Hortonworks VM with Docker. My Hive [...]

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Mapping Oracle to PostgreSQL data types

A common first question during a database migration is "How do Oracle datatypes compare to PostgreSQL?" The simple answer is that they are very compatible, and map easily. The table below shows an Oracle to PostgreSQL data type comparison and mapping for the most common Oracle types. These basic data types just scratch the surface [...]

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