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PostgreSQL 10’s Quorum Commit for Synchronous Replication

Introduction: PostgreSQL has been lauded for its robustness as an open-source object-relational database. With the introduction of each new version, the potency of the PostgreSQL database to store and wield highly proliferating data has also augmented. This also calls for protection of data should any unlikely event befall. PostgreSQL 10, along with many other flagship [...]

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Towards PostgreSQL 10 with pg_logical

Introduction: The forte of pglogical is the ability to logically replicate without any downtime. This extends from an entire database to a single table or down further to even a few rows. The major intent of this document is to upgrade 9.4 (and above) PostgreSQL instances to PostgreSQL10 with less or no downtime. Prior to [...]

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Migrating partitioned tables to PostgreSQL 10’s Native Partitioning

In this article, we will focus on upgrade from 9.4 (and above) versions to PostgreSQL 10, leveraging the full features of native partitioning. Test Environment: OS: CentOS 7 PostgreSQL version: 9.6.3 and 10.0 pg_partman version: 3.1.0 Migrating from 9.x version (partitioned table with inheritance) to pg10 (native partitioning) Consider a database with several tables some [...]

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