OpenSCG provides PostgreSQL Migration, Postgres Subscription Support, and Postgres Services to help our clients solve data challenges and leverage technology for strategic advantage. As the leading PostgreSQL company in the world, and with deep roots in the PostgreSQL community, we are able to accomplish just that. OpenSCG specializes in open source data applications, enabling enterprises to get the most value from their software and existing hardware investments.

We recognize that enterprise projects typically involve integration or co-existence with legacy technologies. In addition to deep knowledge about open source data technologies such as PostgreSQL, Hadoop, and Cassandra, we also possess extensive expertise in the environments these technologies thrive in — including private and public cloud ecosystems, local operating systems (Linux, OS X, Solaris, and Windows), and commercial data technologies. With operational and delivery capability in North America, East Asia, and Europe, OpenSCG serves clients with global footprints. Every OpenSCG consultant is committed to excellence, and is focused on partnering with clients to develop custom solutions to meet their enterprise’s unique needs.

To learn more about our company, meet our PostgreSQL team, explore the features of our open source Postgres distribution Postgres by BigSQL, or read our Postgres Experts blog.