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Currently a Sr Database Architect with OpenSCG, Doug has worked with PostgreSQL since late 2003, is an RHCSA, a certified AWS Technical Professional, and the founder of pgCMH. When not messing with a database, he can be found in front of his PlayStation, reading his latest Comixology purchase, or tweaking (breaking) one of his computers.

Which standby was that again?

In any modern PostgreSQL installation, there's usually at least one streaming replication standby server feeding off your production master. In fact, there's usually several. Being the good PostgreSQL administrator that you are, you've already enabled logging of replication commands in postgresql.conf thusly: log_replication_commands = on But what you're probably not doing is having each standby [...]

Incremental pgBadger

(reblogged from here) You're probably already running pgBadger to monitor your PostgreSQL logs. However, you're probably not running it incrementally throughout the day. Most likely, you've setup a cron.daily job that runs pgBadger against yesterday's log(s). And that's great. Except when you get the dreaded "what just happened on the db?" email. Are you going to [...]

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Hello, Hola, Salut, Ciao, Hallo, Ola’

 Hey everyone! My name's Douglas Hunley, and I recently joined OpenSCG as a Sr Architect. I've been working with PostgreSQL since around version 7.3.4 (back in '03) and I'm a certified PostgreSQL DBA (and trainer), an RHCSA, and recently a certified AWS Technical Professional.  Several lifetimes ago I was also a certified Oracle DBA on 8i (what [...]

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