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Holly Orr has spent the past 20+ years working in IT departments and geospatial labs on the east and west coasts. Her journey has taken her from jobs as desktop and web developer, database administrator, data steward, analyst, help desk, and GIS educator. Holly has an MS in Information and Knowledge Strategy from Columbia University and a BA in Political Science with a minor in Geography from Temple University. She has taught graduate level GIS courses at NYU and Hunter College. In a past life, Holly toured in a rock band playing lead electric guitar. Today, when she isn’t attending her son’s break dancing recitals, she plays for fun in her rock band, Giant Gowanus.

How to Save Money: Migrating from Oracle DW to AWS RDS PostgreSQL

How do you migrate a large, expensive, and on premises Oracle data warehouse to a free, open source, and cloud hosted database? PostgreSQL + Amazon RDS + OpenSCG (of course) The Customer A leader in the GPS (Global Positioning System) market has a fleet management product that provides businesses with real-time visibility of vehicle location, [...]

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PostGIS – How to create a Spatial Database with PGC Command Line

We are excited to announce that BigSQL distributions of PostGIS now come bundled with several popular community spatial extensions: postgis fuzzystrmatch postgis_tiger_geocoder postgis_topology ogr_fdw address_standardizer address_standardizer_data_us This is the only community distribution to offer PostGIS with these extensions across ALL platforms (Mac, Linux, and Windows)! So, for all you GeoGeeks using Linux / Mac - [...]

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Are you a Yoda or a Diego?

In the geospatial world there are usually 2 types of people supporting spatially enabled databases: 1. GIS analysts  (scientist, statisticians, analysts, etc) who find themselves as the de facto DBA (among other things). “I don’t have time for this! I’m saving this sea turtle. Just give me a GUI!” 2. DBAs who find themselves supporting these strange [...]

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Two great things that taste great together: PostGIS and PostgreSQL

In my past life as a geospatial DBA, I had to navigate users and managers who belonged to different database teams (PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, etc). When I was lucky enough to work in a shop that supported open source solutions, I was often asked by members of team MySQL, “Why should we use PostgreSQL [...]

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Why are you still paying for your GIS when you can get it for free?

If you haven’t switched to open source solutions (FREE!), then you have probably fallen for some common misconceptions/myths: MYTH: Open source tools are buggy. Does software have bugs? Of course. It was made by humans! But open source has the benefit of a strong community that can crowdsource fixes because the code base is not [...]

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