BigSQL Components

Time Series

timescale 0.10.0 New! July 10 Scaleable time-series data

DevOps Tools

HintPlan 1.3.0  Control query plans with Oracle style hinting phrases
PostGIS 2.4.3 New! Feb 8 Spatial & Geographic objects
pgAdmin3 1.23.0b  Fat client Dev Tool for PG
PGC (pgcli) 3.3.6 New! Mar 1 CLI for Provisioning & Management
pgBadger 9.2  SQL Performance Analyzer
plProfiler 3.2-1a New! Mar 1 Stored Proc Performance Profiler
plDebugger 9.6  Stored Procedure Debugger
pgRepack 1.4.2  Reorg tables w/ minimal locks
pgBulkload 3.1.14  High speed data loading
pgPartMan 3.1.1  Table Partitioning
pgAgent 3.4.1  Job Scheduling

Legacy RDBMS Migration & Tools

OraFCE 3.6.1  Oracle compatibility functions & packages
OracleFDW 2.0.0  Oracle integration
TDS FDW 1.0.8  Sybase/SQLServer integration
MySQL FDW 2.3.0  MySQL Interop

High Availability, Backup & Replication Solutions

Slony-I 2.2.6  Replication System
pgBackRest v1 1.28  Backup & Restore
pgBouncer 1.8.1 New! Feb 8 Connection Pooler

Advanced Security

Audit 1.2.0  Detailed logging for govt, fin, or ISO
SetUser 1.4.0  Privilege escalation

Big Data Integration & Interoperability

CassandraFDW 3.0.1  Cassandra interoperability
HadoopFDW 2.1.0 Hive Queries
Cstore FDW 1.5  Optimized Row Columnar (ORC) Store

Stored Procedure Languages

Python 2.7.13 PL/Python stored functions
Perl PL/Perl stored functions
Java 1.5.0 PL/Java stored functions
TCL 8.6 PL/Tcl stored functions
javascript 1.5.3  PL/V8 stored functions.
R PL/R stored functions.

Client Applications

You do not retrieve these client applications with our server-side pgcli. Instead download from the respective Open Source project sites or use appropriate client specific tools such as maven, pip, nuget, or gems.
pgjdbc 42.2.4 New! Jul 14 PostgreSQL JDBC Driver
psycopg2 2.7.5 New! Jun 16 Python DB Adapter (uses libpq)
pg8000 1.12.2 New! Jun 28 Python DB Adapter (pure python)
npgsql 4.0.2 New! Jul 8 .NET Data Provider for PG
ruby-pg 1.0.0  Ruby interface to PostgreSQL
psqlodbc 10.3.000 New! May 19 PostgreSQL ODBC Driver
C* JDBC 2.1-2 Cassandra JDBC Driver
ora2pg 18.2  Oracle migration
pgDevOps 2.1  Dev & Ops Web App (includes pgAdmin4 Web)