To install PostgreSQL for Windows:

1. Click the link and wait for the download to begin.

2. Upon completion, the download will bring up a set up box. Click "next".

3. Ensure the directory is where you want PostgreSQL to be installed. Click "next".

4. Select components to read descriptions of each. Click "next" when finished choosing components to install.

5. Ensure the database location is correct. Click "next".

6. Create password. Click "next".

7. Review the installation summary and click "next". It will automatically begin installing, initializing, and starting the PostgreSQL server.

8. BigSQL Manager will automatically open to review.

9. Click "finish". You can now locate the PostgreSQL shortcuts within your programs in the start menu.

PostgreSQL is now installed, running as a service, and ready for use.

Next Steps

1. Get Connected

Open psql to start working with PostgreSQL. You will see the following:

$ psql -U postgres
psql (9.6beta1)
Type "help" for help"


2. Create a database

To create your first database, enter the following:

postgres=# create database mydb;

You can now connect to the database "mydb"

postgres=# \c mydb;
You are now connected to database "mydb" as user "postgres".