History of T-SQL

1984 Sybase founded by Mark Hoffman and Bob Epstein and work quickly begins on the Transact-SQL procedural language.
1987 Microsoft Partners with Sybase for rights to SQL Server on OS/2
1988 Sybase ships first production release of SQL Server
1991 Sybase goes public with a $100 Million IPO.
1992 Microsoft & Sybase SQL Server 4.2 ships on Windows 3.x.
1995 Sybase buys PowerBuilder and stops innovating in enterprise RDBMS.
1997 Microsoft SQL Server finally stabilizes on Windows NT.
Core "SQL Server" becomes a stagnant cash cow for both Microsoft
and Sybase.
2010 SAP acquires Sybase.
2011 Linux surpasses Windows as the Enterpise OS of choice.
2012 Sybase & SQL Server Compatibility is first demonstrated
2013 The pgTSQL Development Community is introduced