Where Postgres Wins

Where Postgres Wins PgConf India 2018 was an eye-opener both for me and my team. As testimonials to the growing popularity of Postgres, we witnessed and heard from many companies about their migration from proprietary databases, especially from Oracle, to Postgres. So it comes as no surprise why Postgres won the DB-Engines DBMS of the [...]

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Azure CLI and Postgres

We discussed about how to setup a PostgreSQL on Azure cloud DaaS (Database as a Service), as a novice user. When it comes to real world use of Postgres, the first thing that comes to mind for a DBA is how to access PostgreSQL logs. So it is time for exploring Azure command line (CLI) [...]

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As a novice user at Azure Database for PostgreSQL

Owing to growing popularity of PostgreSQL, more and more cloud providers have started offering their Database as a Service (DaaS) platform around PostgreSQL. What user gets is a fully managed, ready-to-use Database service. Microsoft Azure cloud announced their PostgreSQL as a service in May 2017. Disclaimer: This post is a purely personal view based on [...]

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Salted Challenge Response Authentication Mechanism (SCRAM) authentication

Introduction to authentication: Confidentiality and authentication are necessary for security assurance over a telecommunication channel. "Confidentiality" assures that only the right users have access to the communication stream and "authentication" guarantees that the users at each end of the communication channel are who they say they are. The Salted Challenge Response Authentication Mechanism (SCRAM) is [...]

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PostgreSQL 10’s Quorum Commit for Synchronous Replication

Introduction: PostgreSQL has been lauded for its robustness as an open-source object-relational database. With the introduction of each new version, the potency of the PostgreSQL database to store and wield highly proliferating data has also augmented. This also calls for protection of data should any unlikely event befall. PostgreSQL 10, along with many other flagship [...]

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Towards PostgreSQL 10 with pg_logical

Introduction: The forte of pglogical is the ability to logically replicate without any downtime. This extends from an entire database to a single table or down further to even a few rows. The major intent of this document is to upgrade 9.4 (and above) PostgreSQL instances to PostgreSQL10 with less or no downtime. Prior to [...]

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Migrating partitioned tables to PostgreSQL 10’s Native Partitioning

In this article, we will focus on upgrade from 9.4 (and above) versions to PostgreSQL 10, leveraging the full features of native partitioning. Test Environment: OS: CentOS 7 PostgreSQL version: 9.6.3 and 10.0 pg_partman version: 3.1.0 Migrating from 9.x version (partitioned table with inheritance) to pg10 (native partitioning) Consider a database with several tables some [...]

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Upgrading to Postgres 10 : Postgres by BigSQL

Many are experimenting with Postgres 10 and testing their applications against it. Postgres binaries from BigSQL are inherently relocatable / portable . This makes it especially easy if you want try upgrading or just want to check the upgradability of your application. Here are the steps for an easy upgrade from Postgres 9.6 to Postgres [...]

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PostgreSQL 10.0 – Features New and Updated

Overview: PostgreSQL 10 contains many new features that will allow users to both scale out and scale up their PostgreSQL infrastructure. To upgrade to PostgreSQL 10 from any lower releases, a pg_dumpall dump and restore or pg_upgrade is necessary. In this article, we will go over some new features that have been added and also [...]

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Setting up PL/R with Postgres on Windows

1. Introduction Setting up extra extensions / features on proprietary platform like Windows is a challenge because we don't have a default build environment. Setting up a complete build environment for installing a language extension is bigger challenge. Thanks to vibrant community, many of the heavy lifting is already done. I would like to Acknowledge [...]

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