BIG NEWS from BigSQL: Introducing pgDevOps!

To help our colleagues at OpenSCG provide better service to our clients, BigSQL developed pgDevOps - a one stop shop to provision, develop, and monitor PostgreSQL databases. And now... we are making pgDevOps available to the PostgreSQL community! How Does pgDevOps Help? Install and Provision: Package Manager: One-click installs of PostgreSQL [...]

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Why Migrate?

“Why migrate to Postgres?” is a question that we used to hear a lot in the past. There used to be a number of different reasons to migrate including, take advantage of new technology, a change of staff skills, vendor consolidation caused friction and of course, cost. Nowadays, the main reason we hear for migrating [...]

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Successful database Migrations : Are they really possible?

We talk to a lot of clients who want to perform database migrations but just about all of them are skeptical that the project will be a success. There are a number of reasons for this, including: Fear Lack of time to take on project Belief that their usage isn’t easy convertible to a new [...]

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Don’t move your Oracle database to the cloud

Why move your Oracle database to the cloud? It just doesn't make sense. You are moving to the cloud for flexibility, for cost savings, for ease of changing your infrastructure. Does doubling your Oracle license fee for AWS or Azure usage sound like Oracle wants to let you have flexibility or cost savings?? (Hint: NO!!) [...]

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Relocatable PG RPMs

Relocatable PostgreSQL RPMs - You asked and we delivered! In our years of dealing with PostgreSQL users, one of the main gripes they have with PostgreSQL is not a missing feature or capability but rather it is the fact that the provided rpms are non relocatable rpms. The reasons for wanting relocatable rpms are many [...]

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Why Open Source over Open Source Based?

The Postgres landscape has become very competitive in recent years as the database project has matured and grown exponentially in popularity. Since more and more users are deploying Postgres to support a wide variety of applications, there is a need for experts to help make sure those deployments are successful. This has led to the [...]

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BigSQL Hadoop + Postgres now Available as a VM

With the continued success of the BigSQL developer's bundle, we are proud to announce the availability of a new VM image with BigSQL preinstalled.  Primarily created to provide our Windows friends access to the technology bundle, the Image is based on CentOS 6.4 Desktop including many tools to begin exploring today.  Join our free Beta [...]

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Installing and Running BigSQL, the Hadoop and Postgres Bundle

This tutorial will show you how to install and run BigSQL. You can download the bundle from and get started using Hadoop, Hive, Hbase, and PostgreSQL in less than ten minutes. The video below goes over how to: Complete the prerequisites (the commands used can be found here) Start the bundle Open the psql, hive, [...]

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Hadoop Tutorials Hive HBase Flume Scoop Thrift and More

Over the last several months the team at OpenSCG has created a number of Hadoop Tutorials covering key  projects in the Hadoop ecosystem including Hive, HBase, Flume, Scoop and Thrift.  These Tutorials are designed to quickly highlight the usage of Hadoop with working examples that can be quickly worked through and modified!  To help you find [...]

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Hadoop Sqoop Tutorial HDFS Hive & Postgres

The Hadoop Sqoop Tutorial is the third in the series providing easy to follow examples of using a Hadoop cluster in conjunction with Postgres.  This tutorial will build on the Hadoop Hive Tutorial which should be considered a pre requisite if you want to run the examples provided. In this tutorial, we will create a Postgres table from public domain [...]

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