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How does a database get promoted these days?!?

These days, replicated postgres is simple to setup, easy to maintain and ultra-reliable.  Actually, the biggest question is typically "how do I convert a slave to a master?" Well, the short answer is, a couple of ways.  These days, the very simple 'pg_ctl promote' works best. Promotion Essentially, promotion is the process of converting your read-only, slave [...]

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Production psql Prompts

I deal with lots of production.  When you're dealing with multiple production machines, it's important to know many things: Who you are What you're connected to Where you are Why you are connected When you are connected Most prompts don't give you any of this detail.  If you're familiar with bash, you probably have heard [...]

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Quick stats with pgBadger

A while back, I wrote about 'Helpful Postgres logging and defaults'.  The real question is, how helpful are these, really?  So, let's take a quick look at how we can use the increased logging in order to do something useful.  If the previous post is TL;DR, here's the quick list: logging_collector = on log_filename = 'postgresql-%a.log' log_truncate_on_rotation=on [...]

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Helpful PostgreSQL Logging and Defaults

I use PostgreSQL every single day.  I develop against multiple versions of the database (4 versions running in parallel as I write), I have apps that use it and, my daily DBA-ing.  The biggest question I get from newbies and veterans a like is: “What are your PostgreSQL defaults?” If you follow postgres, you already know [...]

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Simple CSV dumps from your Postgres database

Recently, I’ve spent a lot of time doing data shuffling.  Some of it for me and my own ( mostly ) malevolent purposes, but mostly, the kind of stuff that data analysts want to slice and dice.  I typically prefer to push analysts to the web based reporting setup I’ve built them, but a lot [...]

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Announcing pgHA version 9.2-1.00.20

pgHA provides automated failure detection and switchover of a PostgreSQL streaming replica pair.  Version  9.2-1.00.20 has been updated to include a more intuitive control script as well as native nagios-compliant output for integration into your monitoring system. Download pgHA.

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