Successful database Migrations : Are they really possible?

We talk to a lot of clients who want to perform database migrations but just about all of them are skeptical that the project will be a success. There are a number of reasons for this, including: Fear Lack of time to take on project Belief that their usage isn’t easy convertible to a new [...]

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Postgres – Hadoop Data Trends

Every so often I like to take a look at trending data to get a feel for technology trends and attempt to draw some insights moving forward.  Recently with the overwhelming hype around BigData and Hadoop, I decided to take a closer look at the relative search traffic between Postgres and Hadoop. Using Google Trends [...]

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Good Enough?

Building upon my previous blog post, where I declared Postgres was "good enough", I want to explore what "good enough" means. I will use an aircraft design analogy. (You might remember me exploring a Postgres/aircraft parallel before.) In aircraft ...

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Postgres Is Good Enough

With the increased attention Postgres is getting, many ask whether Postgres has the same features as Oracle, MS SQL, or DB2. Of course, the answer is that Postgres doesn't have all their features, and never will, but it is also true that those other ...

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Postgres as a Data Platform

With the all the excitement surrounding Postgres, I have heard speculation about why Postgres has become such a big success. Many point to our exemplary community structure, while others point to our technical rigor. One item of particular scrutiny ...

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Table Partitioning Needs Improvement

Postgres is very good at adding features built upon existing features. This process was used when table partitioning was added in Postgres 8.1 in 2005. It was built upon three existing features: table inheritance check constraints triggers a...

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The Middleware Porting Challenge

Last month I visited India for EnterpriseDB and talked to many government and corporate groups. We don't have many independent Postgres community members in India, so I was surprised by the serious interest in Postgres and the number of large deploym...

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The Future of Relational Databases

A few months ago I wrote an article about how NoSQL databases are challenging relational databases, and it has recently been published. My article's goal was to explain that while NoSQL databases have advantages over relational databases, there are m...

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Parallelism Roadmap

In December of 2011, I blogged about the increasing need for parallelism in the Postgres backend. (Client applications have always been able to do parallelism with subprocesses, and with threads since 2003). Thirteen months later, I have added two p...

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