Postgres Classes for Businesses and Organizations

We’ve got the talent to train you.

If your company is new to PostgreSQL, or in need of updated training, or is interested in advanced Postgres techniques, OpenSCG provides the expertise your team requires.

Corporate On-Site Training

Audience: Companies and Large Organizations
Roles: Database Developers, Database Administrators (DBAs), Database Architects, Operations Teams, Other Technical Personnel, Business Leaders
Number of Participants: 5 to a few hundred students
Length of Time: Typically 2-4 days

Designed for organizations, our 2-4 day classes are the ideal way to prepare your Developers, DBAs, Database Architects, Operations Teams, and other Technical Personnel to install and support PostgreSQL databases and applications. Delivered on-site, our training program reduces travel expenses and time away from the office. Our trainers consult with each client, creating a customized PostgreSQL training program to meet your company’s needs.

Sample PostgreSQL Topics for Businesses:

  • PostgreSQL Basics:  Installation, Configuration, Architecture, Maintenance & Management, Security
  • PostgreSQL Operations: Backup & Recovery, High Availability & Replication, Monitoring, PostgreSQL Tools, Database Corruption
  • PostgreSQL Developer Topics: SQL, Stored Procedures, Advanced Development
  • Advanced PostgreSQL: Locking, Multi-Version Concurrency Control, Performance Tuning, PL/pgSQL, Profiling PL/pgSQL, Benchmarking

About Our Trainers

Our Postgres education specialists have been preparing and delivering domain specific training and have extensive real-world expertise. Each trainer is a practicing PostgreSQL expert employed by OpenSCG. You might recognize them from their PostgreSQL community efforts or conference talks.

If you’re looking for Individual PostgreSQL Training, let us know.