Postgres Classes for Individuals

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Classes for people who are new to Postgres or are in need of advanced Postgres knowledge.

Individual PostgreSQL Training

Audience: Individuals
Roles: Database Developers, Database Administrators (DBAs), Database Architects, Technical Personnel
Number of Participants: n/a
Length of Time: TBA
Location: TBA

On occasion, OpenSCG provides public training classes for interested individuals on a variety of PostgreSQL topics. These classes typically coincide with major Postgres conferences.

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About Our Trainers

Our education specialists have been preparing and delivering domain specific training and have extensive real world expertise. Each trainer is a practicing PostgreSQL expert employed by OpenSCG. You will probably recognize them from their PostgreSQL community efforts or conference talks.

Let us know if you are interested in PostgreSQL Training for a business or large organization or call us at (732) 339-3419.