Helping your data (and DBAs) play well together.

In the real world we have to work with teams and systems that use different database technology.

OpenSCG’s pgDevOps gives you the ability to easily implement community and BigSQL supported foreign data wrappers into your architecture to help bring your distributed data together into one big happy family.

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Data Integration

  • OracleFDW



  • Hadoop / Spark FDW

  • Cassandra FDW


  • ora2pg

  • OraFCE

  • pgTSQL

  • client connectors

PostgreSQL Data Integration Ecosystem
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Need to scale to the cloud? We’ve got that covered as well.

Need client connectors to access PostgreSQL from the most popular programming languages? You can manage that as well in one place with pgDevOps. Take a look at the list of components BigSQL supports.