24/7 database uptime with pgHA.

Failover and disaster recovery without application programming changes.

OpenSCG’s High Availability solution uses the native point-in-time-recovery (PITR) replication along with pgbouncer connection pooler to be setup between the primary and the standby node. Though this is the recommended replication and would work off the shelf with the solution, it can also be configured to work with other replications like Slony-I. Deployment timeframes depend on the current state of the PostgreSQL environment.  Automatic failover can be configured with PITR and Slony-I environments.

Key features:

  • monitor the states of primary, standby, and app servers

  • load balancing and failover

  • single button actions

  • an enjoyable experience that just works

  • the capability to eliminate repetitive tasks

  • architecture that behaves as documented


OpenSCG’s pgHA - High Availability Solution
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